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NJ and NY Employment Law Attorneys

The Salvo Law Firm represents the interests of both employees and employers who face legal issues in the workplace.  Cindy Salvo, head of our Employment Litigation group, started her career practicing in large, prestigious law firms where she represented companies who were being sued by their employees.  Since starting The Salvo Law Firm, Ms. Salvo has expanded her practice to include the representation of employees who face discrimination, wrongful termination, improper wages, and other issues in the workplace.  Because Ms. Salvo has practiced on “both sides,” she has a unique perspective on how best to represent both employees and employers.

The Salvo Law Firm also has many years experience teaching businesses how to avoid litigation through best practices. We have drafted countless employment contracts and employee handbooks that protect both employees and employers.


Employees have rights that need protecting.  If you have been wrongfully terminated, or have been the victim of discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, or other violations of the law in the workplace, contact us to learn whether or not you have a case. More


Employers and businesses in the American workforce are constantly scrutinized for their hiring, employment, and termination practices. If you are a business with employees, you have a lot to consider. What should you do when faced with a lawsuit? What can you do to avoid lawsuits? If you have a pending lawsuit or are interested in learning more about avoiding legal issues, contact The Salvo Law Firm. More