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Employees have rights that need protecting.  Our firm is passionate about the law and our clients are confident that our persistence and diligence guided them through tough situations that have put their livelihood at risk. If you have been the victim of discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation, for exercising your rights covered under federal and state law, contact The Salvo Law Firm.  Our dedicated attorneys are ready to assess your case, educate you on your options, and tenaciously represent your interests and protect your rights. If you need quality legal services, contact The Salvo Law Firm today.


State and federal law prohibits an employer from terminating you for discriminatory reasons.  Or for not hiring you or promoting you for discriminatory reasons.  For example, if you were terminated/not hired/not terminated because you are older, disabled, black, gay, pregnant, etc. your employer has broken the law.  More

Wrongful Termination

Most employees in New Jersey and New York are “at will”; that is, they can be fired without the employer having to state a reason.  For example, it is not illegal for an employer to fire someone simply because they do not like them (unless they do not like them because they are older, disabled, black, gay, pregnant, etc.!).  But if you were fired for a discriminatory reason, then you were wrongfully terminated and probably have a claim against your former employer. More


When employees face unsafe working conditions or illegal activities at the hands of businesses they work for, they are tempted to stay silent in order to protect their jobs and their livelihood. State and federal laws have been implemented to protect people who feel compelled to cite safety violations, illegal activities, and undocumented injuries to the people who govern how businesses operate. Whistleblowers are selfless heroes that have changed the landscape of the working world. More

Sexual Harassment

Federal and state laws have been implemented to protect the rights of workers who face discrimination, harassment, and offensive behavior in the workplace. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, state and federal laws dictate actions that you may take in order to hold offenders accountable and protect your rights. More


Everyone who legally enters the workforce has rights that they can exercise in order to protect their livelihood and, sometimes, the safety of coworkers. In some cases, people need to dispute wage and hourly issues without fear of their employer saying “take it or leave it” and finding another person who will work under illegal terms. Other times, individuals are compelled to inform a governing body about unsafe working conditions or other illegal activities through whistleblowing. More