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Guiding New Jersey families through legal issues when facing divorce

Families have a lot to consider when faced with divorce and other legal issues. Divorcing couples with children will have to address child support and child custody. Most couples will have to address an alimony structure that applies to their situation. In some cases, unforeseen circumstances compel one party or the divorced couple to request a modification to a final judgment. If you face any of these family law issues, contact The Salvo Law Firm, P.C. Our experienced firm also handles a variety of other issues including Pre-nuptial Agreements and domestic violence.  If you are a person who faces violence in your home, contact The Salvo Law Firm, P.C. to protect you and your family, holding the party accountable for their actions. If you need our legal services, contact our firm today.

Child Custody

The process of divorce impacts the whole family. Whether through mediation or a court battle, there are certain issues that must be addressed which will shake the foundation of the family. Child custody is a difficult issue for parents to bear. Often times, child custody becomes a heated and emotional issue that leads families to custody battles, including psychological evaluations, and escalating costs. Parents have worked to establish consistent and positive relationships with their children. The idea that they may have to see their children less and share that time with the other spouse can be too much for some to overcome. More

Child Support

Parents in New Jersey are obligated to support their children. According to new legislation signed into law by Chris Christie on January 19, 2016, child support will soon end at the age of 19. Child support can extend beyond the 19th birthday, through college and sometimes beyond. Once a child becomes 19, but is still financially dependent, absent an agreement to extend the child support period, a parent must file papers to extend the duration of child support. Both parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children and the state has the authority to order parents to follow a support structure that is fair and just to everyone and reasonably satisfies the needs of their children. More

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, people across the United States continue to face the impact of domestic violence. When someone crosses the line, the other party should strongly consider if they are the victim of domestic violence and protect themselves immediately. Fortunately, New Jersey has several laws in place to protect individuals from violence at the hands of someone they are supposed to trust. We understand the fear and uncertainty that follows the threat of physical and mental violence and abuse. More

Family Court

New Jersey family courts are under the Family Division of the Superior Court. This court hears cases related to the family. Family law cases are heard in the court that has jurisdiction based on your residency, for the most part. State statute L.1983, c.405 established the Family Division of the Superior Court. Accordingly, the Domestic Relations Court and County Juvenile Court have been abolished and brought into the Family Division. Some family law matters the Family Division has jurisdiction over include adoption, divorce and related issues, juvenile law matters, domestic violence matters, child support and custody issues, and enforcement of order and modifications. More


When a divorce concludes and a judge enters a Final Judgment of Divorce, all marital issues will be addressed. These issues generally include division of assets, alimony, child support, and child custody. Sometimes, circumstances have changed for one or both spouses. When that happens, it might be necessary for them to request a modification to adjust a variety of issues. A New Jersey judge cannot reasonably take into consideration the unforeseen variables of the future. They are willing to hear and decide on modifications for a number of legal matters. More

Spousal Support

When New Jersey couples want to dissolve their relationship and get a divorce, they have to address the same issues. One of the most contested issues NJ spouses face is alimony. In New Jersey, alimony is called spousal support. In some cases, couples are able to set their emotions aside and resolve their issues amicably. In other cases, some couples will have to go to court over the issue. Alimony can be a heated and emotional topic. Both parties feel entitled to a certain amount of support or a limited obligation to support the dependent party. More