divorce-finance-talkingBenefits of Mediation

Guiding NJ clients through the process of mediation

Divorce mediation is a growing practice for couples that want a quick and somewhat painless divorce. Some couples would like to dissolve the marriage and avoid the pitfalls of a court battle. They want to move towards a better life in a time and cost-efficient manner. In mediation, the couple becomes their own problem solvers with the guidance of a mediator who is highly trained to facilitate a respectful negotiation process. The couple will discuss all issues relevant to the marriage, including important and sometimes sensitive factors. These issues may include:

  • Alimony
  • Division of marital assets
  • Child support
  • Child custody  

All of these issues can be resolved through a respectful negotiation with the help of a mediator. Through mediation, a couple has the opportunity to explore options and cooperate with the goal of concluding the matter with a final settlement that works best for their circumstance. There are many benefits to mediation and couples should strongly consider setting their emotions aside for the process in which everyone can benefit.

Mediation and control

One of the greatest benefits of mediation is the control a couple has over their future. The end result is much easier to bear when you decide on the matter and not a judge. NJ courts obviously do not know about your life in the same depth as you do. Sometimes, these judgments seem unfair and arbitrary. Through mediation, a couple can work through the issues tailored to their situation. Furthermore, mediation is a private negotiation. Most couples prefer to keep their marital issues private and not hash them out in a public venue.

Mediation is confidential

Mediation is a confidential process. Statements and communications made during the negotiation process are not used in other forums unless agreed upon by the parties or mandated by law. Confidentiality allows for couples to be open and honest during the process because nothing they say will be heard by unwanted ears. Though the process must be respectful, couples can feel their stress eased by the fact that their discussion is private.

Mediation is fast  

The process of mediation is often faster than a court battle. The first meeting is usually scheduled within a few days of the initial consultation. Successful mediation can resolve issues related to alimony, division of marital property, child support, and child custody within a few months. 

Mediation is voluntary

Couples choose the process of mediation. They are allowed to have a drawn-out emotional court battle but have decided to work out their difference amicably. The mediation process can end any time a couple wants and return to court, but they know that they have cooperated in making the right decision for themselves. The process will proceed at your pace and some people can reach a settlement within only a few visits. When the parties know that they are making the right decision and have decided that fact for themselves, they are more likely to work with the process, making it a success.

Mediation is cost-efficient

Mediation is usually cost-effective and saves everyone time. The process of litigation is expensive. Attorney and court fees continue to grow as the case becomes more complicated and contested. The purpose of mediation is to agree to terms as quickly as possible. Litigation is a much costlier way of working through the same issues. Discovery alone is a process that takes a lot of resources to complete and attorneys will bill you for their time. If you are interested in saving time and money, mediation is most likely the right process for you.

Contact a Court approved and trained mediation practice to help you move on

The Salvo Law Firm, P.C. has years of experience working with divorcing couples through our established mediation practice. Using one of our skilled mediators, a couple can work through their issues quickly. Our cost-efficient practice secures a respectful environment that works to reach an agreement that will please a court. If you need legal advice or our mediation services, contact The Salvo Law Firm, P.C.