Divorce/Family Law

What are the benefits of Collaborative Divorce?
What is a collaborative divorce?
How is child support calculated in NJ?
Should I leave the home while my divorce is pending?
Can you use collaborative divorce post-judgment?
What are the term Legal custody and Residential custody?
My spouse is an alcoholic, can I prevent them from seeing my children?
My spouse is abusive. What can be done?
My spouse cheated on me. Does this help me in my divorce in NJ?
Does NJ recognize legal separation?
How long does a contested divorce in New Jersey usually take?
How do you resolve custody and parenting time in a Collaborative Divorce?
How is child custody and parenting time determined in a contested divorce?
Do you recommend a prenuptial agreement?
Can I have my spouse pay my legal fees?
What is mediation?
What property is subject to equitable distribution?
My Spouse owns a business, how can I prove their income?
Should I move out while my divorce is pending?
Can a mediator give legal advice?
Karen Grayson-Rodgers Introduction
How long does a Collaborative Divorce Take?
How do get your spouse to agree to a collaborative divorce?
Can I force my spouse to move out of the Marital Home?
What are the divorce options in NJ?
How is alimony determined in NJ?

Employment Law

What is wrongful termination?
What is sexual harassment in the workplace?
What is race discrimination?
How do I prove I have been discriminated against in the workplace? 
Should I sign a release after I have been terminated by my employer?