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There are several options available to a couple who are looking to end their marriage, including “traditional” divorce, collaborative divorce and mediation.  A traditional divorce may be the right choice for a couple who simply cannot work together, under any circumstances, to resolve their issues.  In some situations, emotions run very high, issues are deeply contested, and a couple simply cannot work together in order to resolve their matter. In these cases, a traditional divorce is probably the best option. More 

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a new alternative to traditional divorce.  It has been available in the State of New Jersey since 2014.  A collaborative divorce is usually less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful than a traditional divorce.  With a collaborative divorce, couples are able to come to an agreement without filing a lawsuit.   When a couple has control over their future, they are usually happier with the results.  More 


Mediation is another alternative to traditional divorce.  It too allows a couple to avoid the courtroom.  More 

Child & Parenting Issues

When a couple gets a divorce, spouses are not the only ones impacted by the change. When children are involved, the parents have a lot to consider. When a marriage ends, the family must address issues like child support and child custody. Courts will work to reduce the effect on the child’s life and decide on a support and custody structure that serves the interests of the child first. In some cases, after a final judgment, parents may wish to adjust support or custody through a request for modification. More 

Family Law Issues

Following a divorce, circumstances may change, requiring issues like spousal support, child support or child custody to be reevaluated.  We can help you address these issues.  More 


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