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Employer Defense Attorneys in NJ & NY

Representing NJ and NY employers facing employment litigation

If you are a New Jersey or New York company with employees, you have a lot to consider.  What should you do when faced with a lawsuit?  What can you do to avoid being sued by your employees?  The employment attorneys at The Salvo Law Firm are here to guide you through your options when faced with an employee’s lawsuit, and can help protect your business from future litigation.

Defense of Discrimination Claims

 Discrimination occurs when an employee is treated unfairly due to one of their personal characteristics – for example, their race, religion, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation. For example, they can be terminated due to one of the characteristics, or not promoted, or perhaps they cannot be hired in the first place.  A great many employees fall into some protected class which makes discrimination against them illegal.

Responding to an Employee’s Discrimination Claim

Our attorneys are available at all stages of the litigation process to assist employers in navigating the difficult situations that can arise when an employee files a discrimination claim.  We work very closely with the employer to evaluate the case, and inform the employer if the claim has any validity.  With some cases, it might make sense to negotiate a settlement.  In other cases, the employer should vigorously defend against unfounded allegations.  You need an experienced employment attorney to discuss these options with you.

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