The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Guiding New Jersey clients through the collaborative divorce process

Collaborative divorce usually takes less time and is less expensive than traditional divorce

A collaborative divorce usually takes far less time than the one year or more that it typically takes for a traditional divorce to be finalized.  A collaborative divorce usually concludes in 6 months or less.  That’s because the focus is on resolution, and not fighting. The quicker your divorce is over, the sooner you can go on with the rest of your lives. 

Because there is less “drama” and fighting, the cost of a collaborative divorce is usually much less than for a traditional divorce.

Collaborative divorce gives you more control over your results 

Whenever divorcing spouses go before a judge, there is a risk that the outcome will be less than satisfying to both parties.  If you do not like the result, you are often stuck with it, or you have to spend a lot more money on filing post-divorce motions and/or appeals.  With a collaborative divorce, mutual decisions are reached, you, your spouse, and your attorneys are able to craft a divorce agreement that is tailored to your family’s individual needs.  That is why couples who get a collaborative divorce are usually happier with the outcome than those couples who go through the traditional divorce process.  

Collaborative divorce is confidential

When you file a traditional divorce, all documents filed in the case become a matter of public record.  This includes documents which discuss the intimate details of your marriage, as well as financial documents.  Someone could go to the courthouse and get copies of those records.  Moreover, all of the divorce proceedings are open to the public.  Strangers can come in to the courtroom, sit down and watch.

With collaborative divorce, all negotiation documents are kept confidential and are never filed with the court.

Collaborative divorce fosters a better relationship between the ex-spouses:  this is important if you have children together

A collaborative divorce allows you and your spouse to end your marriage with less hostility and bitterness, and focus on what will make life better for everyone.  This is very important if you have children and are going to be co-parenting those children after the divorce.

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Karen Grayson-Rodgers, the head of the Divorce Practice at The Salvo Law Firm, is certified by the State of New Jersey in the collaborative divorce process.  (Most New Jersey divorce attorneys are not).  She can help you figure out if collaborative divorce is right for you.  If it is not,we  can file a traditional divorce on your behalf.  Our attorneys have more than 20 years experience in the traditional divorce process.  Please contact The Salvo Law Firm to discuss your situation, or set up an in-person appointment.