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The Salvo Law Firm has represented both sides in conflicts concerning non-compete agreements; that is, former employers who are trying to enforce such agreements and former employees who are trying to break free of the restrictions to employment these agreements provide.  In addition, we have represented both buyers and sellers of businesses where the contract of sale included restrictive covenants.

A covenant to not compete is often contained in an employee’s employment agreement and describes what the employee can and cannot do once he/she leaves the job or is terminated.  Whether or not a restrictive covenant is enforceable depends on many factors, including:

  • The covenant must be designed to protect the “legitimate business interest” of the employer.  Protecting the time and money invested in building the business is a “legitimate” interest.  Therefore, the employee ordinarily may not take his/her employer’s customer lists and trade secrets to start a competing business.
  • The covenant must be “reasonable” – both geographically and time-wise.  That is, a covenant that would restrict a former employee from ever starting a competing business would likely not be enforceable.  Similarly, a covenant that prohibits the former employee from starting a competing business anywhere in the state would probably not be enforceable.  However, a covenant which said the former employee could not start a competing business for two years and anywhere within 10 miles of his/her former employer is a covenant that a court most likely would find reasonable and enforceable.
  • Interests of the public – a court will look at a restrictive covenant to see if it will impose a hardship on the community if it is enforced.  For example, if the former employee provides specific medical services, the court will look and see if a restrictive covenant would leave a community without those particular services or with a critical shortage of those services.

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