The United States has a federal piece of legislation that exists known as the Fair Labor Standards Act. It serves to protect employees from being taken advantage of by their employers. This act sets limits to the number of hours an employee can work, the amount of money they must be paid per hour, and rights regarding minor workers under the age of 18.

Unfortunately, a lot of employees are not aware that this law exists and are afraid to speak up against their employer out of fear of retaliation. Retaliation can mean that you are fired because you spoke up against the wrongdoings of your employer, or that you are denied opportunities, promotions, and other work-related benefits because you tried to take action against them. Employer retaliation should not be permitted.

Another aspect of the Fair Labor Standards Act is that minor workers are only permitted to work a certain number of hours during the school-week. In addition, children aged 16 or 17 are not permitted to operate heavy machinery that may put their lives at risk. When the FLSA is violated, the employer in question may be fined up to $10,000 and face as much as six months in prison. The FLSA does not protect everyone. Teachers, rail workers, farm workers, journalists, and more are not covered under this federal law. They do not necessarily have to be paid overtime or follow the federal minimum wage.

If you feel as though you may be eligible to file a claim in regards to the violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, it is imperative that you contact an experienced employment law attorney who can assist you in assembling a case against your employer.

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