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The Salvo Law Firm, P.C. serves West Orange, West Caldwell, all of Essex County, and the greater New Jersey and New York area with quality legal services related to family law, employment law, and business litigation. The West Caldwell family law practice handles a variety of legal matters for NJ residents, including divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, and division of assets. Our NJ and NY employment and business litigation practice handles a myriad of legal matters for people in the business world, including contract disputes, business torts, discrimination cases, retaliation, and sexual harassment. West Orange is a wonderful community centered on family, history, and recreation. Home to Thomas Edison’s factory and home, West Orange celebrates a rich history of innovation. West Orange offers residents a multitude of recreational activities, including pristine open park areas, golf and mini golf courses for all to enjoy. West Orange is only 5 miles away from our office in West Caldwell. When clients travel to our firm, they often take Eagle Rock Avenue. When they arrive, they are happy they picked the right attorneys. If you need quality legal services, contact The Salvo Law Firm, P.C.