When a person goes into a marriage, they never think that it will end in divorce. However, years down the road, things may change. People have a tendency to grow apart and change over time and now divorce is more common than ever. With higher rates of divorce, there are now more options than ever before as far as what types of divorce that you would like to pursue.

One of the most common types of divorce is known as contested divorce, also known as traditional divorce. When many people think of divorce, they generally think of this type of divorce. One spouse serves the other with divorce papers and the matter is taken up traditionally in court. In order to start the divorce process, one person files the complaint and the other person will be required to answer it. The person who is filing for divorce does not need to have grounds for divorce because New Jersey is a no fault divorce state. This means that you can file for divorce just because you feel like the relationship is not working anymore. The reason for divorce can simply be for irreconcilable differences. The court doesn’t care to hear if there was an extramarital affair in the relationship or any of the other reasons that many marriages fail. The condition with irreconcilable differences is that they must have occurred for at least 6 months prior to filing for divorce to show that the marriage is not going to improve.

After that, you will have to deal with the equitable distribution of assets, custody and visitation agreements for children, and the decision as to whether or not any support payments will be made. If you have questions about contested divorce, you should speak with an experienced divorce attorney to discuss what options may be most beneficial to you.

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