Age Discrimination: Your Age Shouldn’t Impact your Employment.

Age discrimination is when your employer treats you differently or unfairly because of your age. Typically this happens to older workers. If you’re over the age of 40, you are at the beginning of the protected age category. If your employer terminates you because of your age, hired, retained, or promoted someone younger while they [...]

Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable?

A non-compete agreement is enforceable if it is reasonable. When you first get hired, a company may ask you to sign one. A non-compete agreement states that if you were to be terminated or quit, you will not set up a company that directly competes. It also may state that you will not gain employment [...]

Your Rights Against Wrongful Termination

People often come to me and tell me that they believe they have been wrongfully terminated from their employment and they want me to represent them. However, wrongful termination is a term that probably doesn’t mean precisely what many people think it means. It does not mean that you’ve been terminated from your job and [...]

Can Religious Discrimination Impact Your Job?

Being discriminated against because of your religion can definitely take place in the workplace. Sometimes it manifests itself as intolerance. For example, you may need to take a particular day off because it’s a religious holiday. If you’re given problems because of that, then that could be an example of being discriminated against because of [...]

At-Will Employment and Your Job Security.

An at-will employee is one that is not subject to an employment agreement. That is, you are not an employee who agreed to work for a company for a specified period of time and they did not agree to employ you for that specified period of time. What this means is you can leave anytime [...]

Race Discrimination At Work

Race discrimination is when you are treated improperly or unfairly because of your race in an employment setting. That may come about as a result of coworkers who may not like you because of your race. They could be a prejudice person or someone making an insensitive joke based on race. It may not be [...]