Can I move out of the home while my divorce is pending?

Always discuss with an attorney before leaving the marital home.  If you have children and custody has not been resolved, leaving the home can have negative consequences. In addition, if you have not resolved your issues of support, you may create additional financial burdens.

how can I prove the income of my spouse that owns a business?

A forensic accountant can help you determine how much your spouse earns as well as value the business if you do not know that information. The business may equitably distribute the asset in the divorce case if the court finds the business and income falls within the parameters of marital property.

How does equitable distribution impact my property in a divorce?

Marital property is any asset acquired from the date of marriage up to the date of the filing of the complaint, or an agreed upon cutoff date. Marital property excludes inheritance and gifts from a person other than each other. Separate property may be subject to equitable distribution if it has been co-mingled with joint [...]

How do I know if I am a victim of race discrimination?

Race discrimination is generally when you are treated improperly because of your race, usually in an employment setting. If you believe that you are a victim of race discrimination, bring it to the attention of your company. If they do nothing about it, they can be equally liable for race discrimination as the original offender. [...]

How does sexual harassment impact the workplace?

There are two types of sexual harassment in the workplace: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo is when someone you work with requires you to give sexual favors in order to be promoted, not get fired, or other consequences. Hostile work environment is when anyone does things to make you feel uncomfortable [...]

What is mediation and how does it help me get divorced?

In mediation, the parties work with a trained mediator who helps them settle their issues by acting as a neutral facilitator in order for them to get a divorce. If an agreement is reached, the mediator will draft a Settlement Agreement and the couple can file for an uncontested divorce.

Is my spouse obligated to pay my legal fees?

If you are dependent on your spouse financially, they are obligated to pay your legal fees. When the income is not enough to cover both parties’ legal fees, the court will order the counsel fees be paid out of joint assets or tax refunds.

Are prenuptial agreements a good idea?

A prenuptial agreement may be in your best interests. Unless carried out properly, they are not always enforceable.

Determining child custody and parenting time in a litigated divorce.

You must first attend court-ordered mediation at the court house. If mediation is successful, the court-appointed mediator will draft a document resolving the issues. In the event they are unsuccessful, the parties return to the judge who will conduct a custody evaluation, examining the circumstances, determining the best interest of the children. Each party has the [...]

Resolving custody and parenting time in a Collaborative Divorce

A mental health coach can work with the parties to create a parenting plan that is best for everyone in the family. The parties communicate in a constructive, respectful, and honest negotiation process, allowing them to reach mutual goals and learn co-parenting skills that will benefit them in the future. Any agreements will  be examined by [...]