How long can a contested divorce in New Jersey take to resolve?

A contested divorce takes about a year to resolve in New Jersey. If you cooperate and resolve your issues, you can enter into a settlement agreement and get a divorce much earlier.  

Can I get a legal separation in the state of New Jersey?

NJ does not recognize legal separation in any way. You can achieve the same goal through an enforceable separation agreement or a limited divorce.  

Does adultery help me in my divorce in NJ?

The court does not take fault into consideration during a divorce case. If your spouse is guilty of wrongful dissipation of your marital assets, the court may adjust the award in your favor.  Otherwise, adultery doesn't play much of a role in your divorce.

What can be done about my abusive spouse?

If you fear for your safety, go to your local police department and obtain a temporary restraining order. An order of protection will prohibit any contact between you and your spouse. Your spouse will be removed from the marital home. In ten days,  a trial will be held to determine if a permanent restraining order [...]

Can I prevent my alcoholic spouse from seeing my children?

Even if your spouse suffers from substance abuse or alcoholism, they still have the right to see the children. NJ courts have the authority to order supervised parenting time. This can take place in the courthouse with a court appointed supervisor or with a family member who is willing to oversee the parenting time and [...]

Legal custody and Residential custody

Legal custody applies to the  person who makes the major decisions regarding the health and welfare of the child. Residential custody, also known as physical custody, determines who lives primarily with the children. Shared residential custody is when the child lives equally with both parents.

Can you use the collaborative process after a divorce?

Often, once the final judgment is entered, issues arise that require further examination. If an issue arises regarding the enforceability or the interpretation of a clause in your agreement, you can resolve the issue cooperatively and amicably through alternative dispute resolution.

Should I Leave my NJ Home While my Divorce is Pending?

Leaving the home would be a bad idea. You can lose the right of occupancy. you may have to support a second residence. If you have children, you are most likely giving your spouse primary residential custody of the children.  

Calculating Child Support in New Jersey

New Jersey follows the child support guidelines, determining the child support obligations of each parent. Generally, the guidelines apply to families with a combined annual income of $187,200 or less. Families with higher incomes may have to pay more. These  guidelines are not mandated.

Defining Collaborative divorce in NJ

Collaborative divorce is a respectful and constructive process whereby the parties agree to participate with a team of trained professionals who work to amicably resolve the issues outside of court. A typical team can include two attorneys, a mental health coach, and a financial specialist.