How to Pick the Right New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

When a couple is considering divorce, there are many avenues they can take. Whether they choose arbitration, mediation or collaborative divorce, they will have to sit with an attorney to discuss which option is best for them, because every case is different. Collaborative divorce is an alternative to divorce litigation. It is a process where the [...]

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

The main benefit of a collaborative divorce is that it reduces the conflict and opens the door for the parties to enter a friendly arena. The parties work with a team to resolve their issues on their own with the help of professionals rather than having the outcome dictated by the court or judge. In [...]

Choosing a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer.

When choosing a lawyer for your divorce, it is important to look at their credentials and experience. In addition to their experience and credentials, it is very important to feel comfortable. This is the person you will be disclosing your personal information to and they will be your advocate. You should come and have an [...]

How can I convince my spouse to agree to a collaborative divorce?

If collaborative divorce is a good option, your attorney will give you information about the process. You can share that information with your spouse and discuss the benefits of collaborative divorce. You can try and convince your spouse to meet with a collaboratively trained attorney to learn about the process and determine if he or [...]

Will my Collaborative Divorce take a long time to resolve?

Every divorce differs. Collaborative divorce takes approximately six months on average. Collaborative divorce is much quicker than a litigated divorce.

Resolving custody and parenting time in a Collaborative Divorce

A mental health coach can work with the parties to create a parenting plan that is best for everyone in the family. The parties communicate in a constructive, respectful, and honest negotiation process, allowing them to reach mutual goals and learn co-parenting skills that will benefit them in the future. Any agreements will  be examined by [...]

What can be done about my abusive spouse?

If you fear for your safety, go to your local police department and obtain a temporary restraining order. An order of protection will prohibit any contact between you and your spouse. Your spouse will be removed from the marital home. In ten days,  a trial will be held to determine if a permanent restraining order [...]

Can you use the collaborative process after a divorce?

Often, once the final judgment is entered, issues arise that require further examination. If an issue arises regarding the enforceability or the interpretation of a clause in your agreement, you can resolve the issue cooperatively and amicably through alternative dispute resolution.

Defining Collaborative divorce in NJ

Collaborative divorce is a respectful and constructive process whereby the parties agree to participate with a team of trained professionals who work to amicably resolve the issues outside of court. A typical team can include two attorneys, a mental health coach, and a financial specialist.