Can I change my existing custody agreement?

It is common for people to seek the help of an attorney when they are unhappy with their current custody order with their ex-spouse. Just because the judge has issued an existing Custody Order, doesn’t mean all hope is lost. To modify the custody order, you and your attorney will need to discuss a concept [...]

Can I cancel an order of protection?

If an Order of Protection was issued in your favor and you wish to have it modified or vacated, you must immediately consult with an attorney. It is understandable to change your mind and want to see your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, violating an order of the court is a serious crime, which can have [...]

No-Fault Divorce In New Jersey

Many people think that since their spouse did something wrong, the court will punish them and they will gain an advantage in the divorce process. This isn’t really true. A lot of clients will come in and say that their spouse cheated on them and want to know if that will help them with their [...]

Collaborative Divorce Process Overview

While there are many different options for divorce, one popular way is known as collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is a series of meetings and negotiations with attorneys, the parties, the mental health coach, the financial expert, as well as any other expert the parties may want to bring into the process in order to dissolve [...]

Motions During A Divorce Case

A motion is an application to the court for some form of relief. Motions are occasionally required during times of divorce. There are prejudgment motions and post-judgment motions. A prejudgment motion is made while a divorce is pending when the parties have come to an impasse and cannot work out some type of an issue that [...]

Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

When a couple is considering divorce, there are many avenues they can take. Whether they choose arbitration, mediation or collaborative divorce, they will have to sit with an attorney to discuss which option is best for them, because every case is different. Collaborative divorce is an alternative to divorce litigation. It is a process where the [...]

When Collaborative Divorce Doesn’t Work.

Unfortunately, when people agree to decide their divorce collaboratively, they enter into a participation agreement where they agree not to go to court. If the process breaks down and it becomes apparent that there is no chance that a resolution can be obtained through this process, the parties are then free to file for a [...]

What is The Difference Between Legal Custody & Residential Custody?

There are two types of custody. Legal custody speaks of who makes the major decisions regarding the health and welfare of the child. In some circumstances, you will have shared legal custody where both parents participate in the decision making. In some circumstances, one parent will have sole custody in making these decisions that depend [...]

Divorce Laws and Gay Marriage

Now that gay marriage is legal, many people want to know, “Do the same divorce laws apply?” Yes, all divorce laws apply to same-sex couples that want a divorce. They will have to satisfy the same requirements to establish jurisdiction, cite applicable grounds for divorce, resolve the same issues, and end their marriage with a [...]

Taking Action Against Abusive Spouses.

If your spouse has become abusive and you fear for your safety, you can go to your local police department and obtain a temporary restraining order. This is an order of protection that will prohibit any contact between you and your spouse. In fact, your spouse will be removed from the marital home. In ten [...]