How to Pick the Right New Jersey Divorce Attorney

What is The Difference Between Legal Custody & Residential Custody?

There are two types of custody. Legal custody speaks of who makes the major decisions regarding the health and welfare of the child. In some circumstances, you will have shared legal custody where both parents participate in the decision making. In some circumstances, one parent will have sole custody in making these decisions that depend [...]

Taking Action Against Abusive Spouses.

If your spouse has become abusive and you fear for your safety, you can go to your local police department and obtain a temporary restraining order. This is an order of protection that will prohibit any contact between you and your spouse. In fact, your spouse will be removed from the marital home. In ten [...]

What To Do If Your Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Pay Child Support

New Jersey is very strict about enforcement of child support. However, if a payer spouse is delinquent in support payments, the other parent cannot withhold the children. The children have the right to a relationship with both parents and it is very important that support issues remain separate from visitation. The Salvo Law Firm, P.C. [...]

Determining Alimony in New Jersey.

Unlike child support, there are no guidelines for alimony. Rather, it is based on statutory factors. When determining an alimony payment, courts will examine factors, including the ages of the parties, the educational background of the parties, the health of the parties, and the duration of the marriage. In addition, alimony is paid in several [...]

What factors impact alimony in NJ?

Several factors impact alimony in the state of New Jersey. Some of the many factors that impact alimony include need, the age and health of the parties, ability to pay, earning capacity, the standard of living established during the marriage, absence from the job market, educational levels, parental responsibilities, equitable distribution of the assets. There is [...]

What are the divorce options in NJ?

There are several alternatives to resolving marital disputes in New Jersey that avoid litigation. Alternative dispute resolution is favored by the courts and encouraged throughout the process of litigation. Mediation, arbitration, settlement conferences, and the collaborative divorce process are just some of the available options.

Determining child custody and parenting time in a litigated divorce.

You must first attend court-ordered mediation at the court house. If mediation is successful, the court-appointed mediator will draft a document resolving the issues. In the event they are unsuccessful, the parties return to the judge who will conduct a custody evaluation, examining the circumstances, determining the best interest of the children. Each party has the [...]

Resolving custody and parenting time in a Collaborative Divorce

A mental health coach can work with the parties to create a parenting plan that is best for everyone in the family. The parties communicate in a constructive, respectful, and honest negotiation process, allowing them to reach mutual goals and learn co-parenting skills that will benefit them in the future. Any agreements will  be examined by [...]

What can be done about my abusive spouse?

If you fear for your safety, go to your local police department and obtain a temporary restraining order. An order of protection will prohibit any contact between you and your spouse. Your spouse will be removed from the marital home. In ten days,  a trial will be held to determine if a permanent restraining order [...]