Kinship Guardianship in New Jersey

The Kinship Care Subsidy Program provides financial assistance to certain people caring for their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or other children. A caregiver may be eligible for the program if she has cared for the child for at least the last 12 months. In order to apply for the subsidy program, the caregiver must file a [...]

Can my spouse see my child if they suffer from substance abuse?

The courts of New Jersey want every child to be able to have a relationship with both of their parents. They do, however, understand that they need to decide what is in the best interests of the children. If one parent has issues with substance abuse, whether it be drugs or alcohol, the courts will [...]

Can I change my existing custody agreement?

It is common for people to seek the help of an attorney when they are unhappy with their current custody order with their ex-spouse. Just because the judge has issued an existing Custody Order, doesn’t mean all hope is lost. To modify the custody order, you and your attorney will need to discuss a concept [...]

What is The Difference Between Legal Custody & Residential Custody?

There are two types of custody. Legal custody speaks of who makes the major decisions regarding the health and welfare of the child. In some circumstances, you will have shared legal custody where both parents participate in the decision making. In some circumstances, one parent will have sole custody in making these decisions that depend [...]

What To Do If Your Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Pay Child Support

New Jersey is very strict about enforcement of child support. However, if a payer spouse is delinquent in support payments, the other parent cannot withhold the children. The children have the right to a relationship with both parents and it is very important that support issues remain separate from visitation. The Salvo Law Firm, P.C. [...]

Can I remove my spouse from the Marital Home?

Except in the event of domestic violence, courts will generally not order either party to leave the marital home while the divorce is pending.

Determining child custody and parenting time in a litigated divorce.

You must first attend court-ordered mediation at the court house. If mediation is successful, the court-appointed mediator will draft a document resolving the issues. In the event they are unsuccessful, the parties return to the judge who will conduct a custody evaluation, examining the circumstances, determining the best interest of the children. Each party has the [...]

Resolving custody and parenting time in a Collaborative Divorce

A mental health coach can work with the parties to create a parenting plan that is best for everyone in the family. The parties communicate in a constructive, respectful, and honest negotiation process, allowing them to reach mutual goals and learn co-parenting skills that will benefit them in the future. Any agreements will  be examined by [...]

Legal custody and Residential custody

Legal custody applies to the  person who makes the major decisions regarding the health and welfare of the child. Residential custody, also known as physical custody, determines who lives primarily with the children. Shared residential custody is when the child lives equally with both parents.

Calculating Child Support in New Jersey

New Jersey follows the child support guidelines, determining the child support obligations of each parent. Generally, the guidelines apply to families with a combined annual income of $187,200 or less. Families with higher incomes may have to pay more. These  guidelines are not mandated.