Does Adultery Impact A Divorce?

Many people come into my office very hurt and very angry with stories of how their spouse has been unfaithful. The main thing they want to know is, “Can I punish my spouse? Can I get more from the court knowing that my spouse has done something wrong?” Unfortunately, the court does not take fault [...]

What To Do If Your Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Pay Child Support

New Jersey is very strict about enforcement of child support. However, if a payer spouse is delinquent in support payments, the other parent cannot withhold the children. The children have the right to a relationship with both parents and it is very important that support issues remain separate from visitation. The Salvo Law Firm, P.C. [...]

Determining Alimony in New Jersey.

Unlike child support, there are no guidelines for alimony. Rather, it is based on statutory factors. When determining an alimony payment, courts will examine factors, including the ages of the parties, the educational background of the parties, the health of the parties, and the duration of the marriage. In addition, alimony is paid in several [...]

Choosing a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer.

When choosing a lawyer for your divorce, it is important to look at their credentials and experience. In addition to their experience and credentials, it is very important to feel comfortable. This is the person you will be disclosing your personal information to and they will be your advocate. You should come and have an [...]

Best Candidates For Collaborative Divorce

Deciding which type of divorce you and your spouse should choose can be overwhelming for many people. There are a lot of decisions to make that are going to have a large impact on your life and between that, and the high level of emotions that are taking place, it can be stressful. Though there [...]

Determining Child Support in New Jersey.

In New Jersey child support is based on the child support guidelines. It is actually a software program that takes the weekly gross income of both parties, including any alimony that is paid, and calculates payment per the number of children in your household. However, in families where the income exceeds $187,000 per year, it [...]

Avoid the Pitfalls of Litigation Through Mediation

A mediated divorce is another alternative to litigation. The parties meet with a mediator. A mediator is an impartial party, sometimes an attorney or a mental health professional who works with the parties to facilitate negotiation. In a mediation, the parties work together to create their own settlement agreement. The mediator will not give them [...]

What Happens To My Retirement Funds After Divorce?

As part of equitable distribution of your assets, many people ask me, “Do I have to share my retirement savings with my spouse?” You do have to share that which was acquired from the date of marriage to the date of the filing of the complaint. If you had a retirement asset that was premarital [...]