What is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act?

It seems as though today, scam calls are constantly happening whether they claim to be the IRS, are trying to fool you into thinking you owe thousands of dollars on a loan you don't have, or won a free cruise to the Bahamas. While a cruise to the Bahamas would be great, the person or [...]

Can I change my existing custody agreement?

It is common for people to seek the help of an attorney when they are unhappy with their current custody order with their ex-spouse. Just because the judge has issued an existing Custody Order, doesn’t mean all hope is lost. To modify the custody order, you and your attorney will need to discuss a concept [...]

Can I cancel an order of protection?

If an Order of Protection was issued in your favor and you wish to have it modified or vacated, you must immediately consult with an attorney. It is understandable to change your mind and want to see your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, violating an order of the court is a serious crime, which can have [...]

No-Fault Divorce In New Jersey

Many people think that since their spouse did something wrong, the court will punish them and they will gain an advantage in the divorce process. This isn’t really true. A lot of clients will come in and say that their spouse cheated on them and want to know if that will help them with their [...]

Collaborative Divorce Process Overview

While there are many different options for divorce, one popular way is known as collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is a series of meetings and negotiations with attorneys, the parties, the mental health coach, the financial expert, as well as any other expert the parties may want to bring into the process in order to dissolve [...]

Sexual Harassment Overview

There are two kinds of sexual harassment. One is called quid pro quo and the other is within the context of a hostile work environment. Quid pro quo discrimination is when someone, perhaps your supervisor, says if you do something for me, I’ll do something for you. It’s when you feel that you must use [...]

How Can Pregnancy Discrimination Affect You?

Pregnancy discrimination is when your employer treats you differently because he or she finds out you are pregnant or perceives that you could become pregnant. This is against the law. You are entitled to be pregnant, keep your job, and to take a maternity leave, if necessary, to have your baby and take care of [...]

Employment and Gender Discrimination

Though it is unfortunate and many advances have been made, gender inequality is still very much present within a lot of workplaces across the country. Typically gender discrimination is when an employer treats an employee differently because of his or her sex. This may result in the employee being paid less, being given less important [...]

Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination can come in many varieties. As an employee, you can be discriminated against because you are “too old”. That would be age discrimination. You could be discriminated against because of your religion, race, or sexuality. You can be discriminated against because you’re disabled or because the company perceives you as disabled. It’s against the [...]

Employment and Disability Discrimination.

Disability discrimination is when your employer treats you differently or poorly because of your having a disability.  It also could be that the employer treats you differently because he perceives you as having a disability, even when you don’t. I’ve handled cases where people were not disabled but they returned from a leave of employment [...]